iPhone Blogging

Giving a go to blogging from the word press iPhone app! Seeing WP is blocked at work, apparently it makes for non productive employees or something, they forgot the little fact you can do just about everything from a cell phone these days! Whatevs, I’m running with it!

I have been thinking a lot about my blog, what direction I want to go with it and such. Truth is, One Fit Mess is going to be my outlet for so many things! Yes the main focus is my weightless journey! But expect a lot more!

When I ask my friends to describe me in three words they are almost always the following:
loyal, loving, random and outgoing …okay I know that’s four but really I get those responses equally!

So expect some randomness from me too!

What to expect in my next few posts
1-my weight story so far (later today)
2-a post about me,my life,ect
3-my current diet/exercise plan

Xo Tee (what most people call me)


About One Fit Mess-Tahnee

Welcome to the life of a late 20 something, Canadian Girl's (because woman make me feel old) journey through life and fitness. I'm a beauty obsessed, fitness junkie (welcome to my struggle of applying it all to myself) and someone trying to figure it all out. Stay tuned for workouts,recipes,beauty tips/reviews, life and many other random topics that will come!
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