An Intro of Sort

See that picture, that used to be me. 5’8.5 and 150 Lbs, that was my summer in bikinis,happy and loving myself. Though, I know now I was “soft skinny” as my trainers have taught me, but the soft skinny is better than where I am at today. It does give me proof that I can get myself back to there and have improvements and be even healthier and toned.

I can make up so many excuses to how I got to where I am now…but it all comes down to two things: Being put on Steroids for my Crohns Disease and Pure Laziness (I hate to admit mostly the 2nd option). I would honestly say I can credit 10 pounds to the steroids ( it was like 2 weeks and BAM,I almost looked pregnant fat right on my stomach)…and the rest…All Me, no excuses. My job strongly hinders my healthy lifestyle I’ve tried to lead. I work 12 hours a day sitting at a desk, surrounded by fast food and Double Doubles. And by the time I get home, I’m exhausted — from eating crappy food giving me no energy, and work draining me! Then there is my emotional eating that I had the realization I tend to do as well (which I will touch more on in a later post).

I don’t feel like myself anymore! I look in the mirror and don’t see ‘Me’. I’ve lost all my face definition (also side effect of my steroids called ‘Moon Face’, my legs are not as tones as they used to be, I feel like my neck is huge, This isn’t me. and this isn’t who I want to be.

I know what I have to do for the most part, I’ve done it before (except then I didn’t have 30 pounds to loose). I have the tools thanks to my trainers the lovely Tone It Up ladies! And now thanks to twitter I have met a whole support crew who I have to always support me.

Now I just have to do it, and I feel like this blog is my first step to doing so.

This is me!


About One Fit Mess-Tahnee

Welcome to the life of a late 20 something, Canadian Girl's (because woman make me feel old) journey through life and fitness. I'm a beauty obsessed, fitness junkie (welcome to my struggle of applying it all to myself) and someone trying to figure it all out. Stay tuned for workouts,recipes,beauty tips/reviews, life and many other random topics that will come!
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