I would definitely say that my blogging is pretty reflective to my diet/fitness lifestyle!
For a while I will get a good streak going, then I fizzle out! Then start up again, then fizzle out! I have this same pattern with clean eating and working out, I kick ass, feel awesome, reward myself, get lazy then fall in a rut! I am working on this! Posts to come-

Though there are only a few posts posted, I have a ridiculous amount of drafts started! I’m still new to this form of blogging (I’m an ex beauty blogger, blog deleted after creepy ex was stealing my pictures). What I mean buy this is I’m slowly getting used to putting my self out there in a more vulnerable way! My journey has been ‘Messy’ thus far, exposing this aspect has proven to be a bit more harder then I thought it would…But, and I feel this is a big But (I like big buts and I cannot lie…haha sorry I had to) once I do finally let it all out I think will be like overcoming a huge hurdle for myself! I.Will.Get.There!!!

I know I have nothing but support and encouragement from the few readers I do have! I appreciate it more than you can imagine!

Xo Tee


About One Fit Mess-Tahnee

Welcome to the life of a late 20 something, Canadian Girl's (because woman make me feel old) journey through life and fitness. I'm a beauty obsessed, fitness junkie (welcome to my struggle of applying it all to myself) and someone trying to figure it all out. Stay tuned for workouts,recipes,beauty tips/reviews, life and many other random topics that will come!
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1 Response to Similarities

  1. You can do it!!! I’m on the same struggle – push through, we can do it 🙂

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