Comfort Zone

There is no denying I have struggled with my nutrition, I can say it is definitely what holds me back the most! I know that weightloss is 70% what you eat, and I know exactly what I am suppose to be eating,I honestly know everything I need to do to get to where I want to be…so why am I not?

Truth be told, I’m stuck in my comfort zone, and though getting my body back is the thing I want most, it really is hard for me to start! The real me is trapped in this body, with my comfort/protection layer covering me(which in reality is the weight I’ve put on since I moved). It shields me from putting myself out there –I am too self conscious to join groups,classes,ect– I feel like I can hide in a crowd-no one notices the chubby girl when there are stick thin beauties around– and I think what I’m scared of most is truly being happy! I don’t know why that seems scary, but I feel like it could be a bit!

I have known that I really need to motivate myself, so I have done ALOT of reading! Fitness & Nutrition books are all I have read in the last 4 months (aside from Hunger Games…totally obsessed). I am ready for this, I am ashamed of failing continuously, I am ready to prove everyone who says I can’t that I CAN and I WILL!

This is my year, I feel so empowered right now, like I can accomplish anything, things will fall into place, and maybe that being happy wont be all that scary after all!

Holidays start tomorrow! Cabo in 6 days, and when I get back shits about to get real!

Xo Tee


About One Fit Mess-Tahnee

Welcome to the life of a late 20 something, Canadian Girl's (because woman make me feel old) journey through life and fitness. I'm a beauty obsessed, fitness junkie (welcome to my struggle of applying it all to myself) and someone trying to figure it all out. Stay tuned for workouts,recipes,beauty tips/reviews, life and many other random topics that will come!
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